Located at 137 W. Michigan Avenue in DeLand, the West Volusia Historical Society complex consists of the Henry A. DeLand House Museum, the Robert M. Conrad Educational and Research Center - an archive/library and educational programming center - and the Lue Gim Gong Memorial Grove.

The DeLand House Museum is Frame Vernacular architecture built in 1886 and is one of the city’s oldest buildings. It was remodeled to Neo-classical style c. 1900. Ninety-five percent of the period furnishings in the museum have been donated by interested, dedicated, generous citizens of the area. The interior showcases an extensive collection of period photographs, authentic artifacts and memorabilia that trace the history and development of DeLand and the surrounding area.

The Robert M. Conrad Education and Research Center Archives hold hundreds of vintage photos, maps, directories, phone books and genealogies from community histories dating from the late 1800s.

Research Opportunities

The WVHS Complex supports research of the history of West Volusia and serves as a resource for residents and visitors wanting to learn more about our history and its preservation

Educational Outreach

The Society offers interesting and engaging lectures, parlor chats with re-enactors, workshops and exhibits for youth and adults. Our gift shop offers a wide variety of books and DVDs.

Special Events

A number of special events are offered throughout the year including the Oakdale Cemetery History Walk, Christmas in Bloom and the Tour of Historic Homes.

DeLand House Museum

Robert M. Conrad Education and Research Center

Conrad Center Complex