Walking Through History

Tours in DeLand's National Historic Districts

Tours are available October - April


Reservations required at least 24 hours in advance. Space is limited. Call 386-740-6813 to reserve your tour.


$7.50 for WVHS members

        $10 for non-members

The neighborhoods surrounding the West Volusia Historical Society complex are rich in history and filled with architectural gems, and DeLand is the ideal venue for a walking tour - well-preserved historically and compact. Explore landmarks in the areas surrounding the DeLand House Museum and the beautiful avenues of Woodland, Minnesota, Clara and Michigan and hear stories about the intriguing people who lived and worked there in walking tours led by experienced WVHS docents.

This 75 minute tour, offered on the fourth Wednesday of the month, highlights the Old Northwest Residential District, following a beautiful pathway on West Michigan, West Minnesota, and North Clara Avenues, and the historic Stetson University Campus District along North Woodland Boulevard. Hear the stories of well-known DeLand pioneers and Stetson personalities and the houses they lived in.

Learn to identify a variety of architectural styles, from frame vernacular farmhouses built at the end of the 1800s, to Colonial Revival homes built in the early 1900's and Mediterranean Revival or the 1020's, and learn the history of Stetson University's historic buildings.

You’ll hear stories of DeLand's frontier past, of early settlers - Allen, Codrington and Shimer, and Stetson personalities - Stetson, Hulley, Stover, and Farriss. You'll learn about the great freeze, the booming 20's and realized Henry DeLand's vision of the 'Athens of Florida', becoming one of America's most charming and livable cities.

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     All tours depart at 10:30 am                 WVHS Conrad Center              137 W Michigan Ave, DeLand  Please arrive at 10:15 for check in

Old Northwest Residential District 

Stetson University Historic Campus Tour

This 75 minute tour, highlighting the historic Stetson University campus is offered the second Wednesday of month. Walking through the campus, learn how the university was founded, it's early development and significant donors. Discover how the campus grew from a single academy building in 1884 to the beautiful buildings surrounding the iconic Holler fountain.