The Makers' Guild is a group of creative volunteers which generally gets together one evening a month to create unique and individually handcrafted items to be sold in our Boutique. Everyone has a particular set of life experiences, strengths and interests and the Makers' Guild is a way to use their creative skills to contribute to the West Volusia Historical Society in a way that is perhaps different than you have considered.

Makers' Guild

Who is in the Guild?

If you are interested in being a Maker for the WVHS, email us at this address

The Maker's Guild Boutique is located in Conrad Educational & Research Center located at 137 W. Michigan Ave in DeLand. We are open Tuesday through Saturday 12 noon to 4 pm for purchases. Stop by to browse and to learn more about being part of this fun group.


- Ponderosa cook

- nurse's aid

- Miss Indiana Teenager

- insurance claims adjuster

- barista

- UPS driver

- book designer

- fashion model

- marketing director

- computer technology consultant

- bank teller 

- Disney train conductor

- teacher

- airplane mechanic

- principal

- B & B owner

- author

...join the fun and add your experiences and creativity!

- big rig driver

- jewelry store owner

- college admissions director

-  house sitter

- website builder

- choir director

Here is just a few of their varied life experiences and interests.