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DeLand House Museum

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The West Volusia Historical Society is working with the City of DeLand to accomplish an extensive renovation of DeLand House Museum, which has been preserving stories of DeLand and West Volusia pioneers since its opening in 1990. The City is at work now on much-needed exterior repairs on the 1886 home, and the Society's volunteers are working to refresh its worn interior, bringing it up to the time when its longest residents, the young professional Farriss family, lived there in the early 20th Century.

Over 90% of the $335,000 needed for the total project has been provided, from the City of DeLand and from WVHS volunteers' fundraising. 

We need your help to reach the goal. Every donation will be gratefully received and put to good use.

We need your help

DeLand House is more than a museum. It embodies the essential spirit of DeLand and West Volusia, firmly based in our shared heritage, sense of community and our legacy of resilience and progress.

We are eager to welcome the public back to this historic treasure, which protects and shares the stories that have made DeLand what it is today.

DeLand House is a unique partnership between the City of DeLand and the West Volusia Historical Society. It belongs to you.  We hope you will be part of our new vision. 

Donor Recognition

All donations will be recognized by Gift Level in the Honor Roll of Donors, in print and on the WVHS website. Special milestone donations will be recognized periodically on the WVHS website and in digital communications. Donations of $5,000 and above will also be recognized on a Donor Recognition Wall placed at the entrance of DeLand House. They will be informed of special project updates and invited to Donor re-opening events. Recognition of Heritage Donors who support the costs of the restoration of individual rooms or creation of landscaping features, will also be located in those specific spaces.