The Holiday Boutique is a magical destination for holiday shopping. Bursting with handcrafted gifts created by the West Volusia Historical Society Makers’ Guild, this gift shop celebrates our best holiday traditions. Select from our Old Florida collections: Orange Fever, Skydiving, Stetson Hats, Monarch butterflies and Clyde Beatty -Cole Bros. Circus collections; nostalgic and whimsical ornaments; jewelry, whittled wood selections and items for the home. Unique stocking stuffers and décor for friends and family.

Browse the catalogue and stop in to make your purchases. Limited quantities of some items.   137 W. Michigan Avenue, DeLand

Holiday Boutique


Paper Mache Snowmen. Whimsical and each with their own personality, these handcrafted snowmen can add a smile and some sparkle to your holiday or winter decor.  Very limited quantity. (ORN48) $30 each.

Small Cowboy Hat. Your favorite Hatters will love these 2 1/8" wide ornaments hanging on their trees!  (ORN04)  $3.50 each.

Little Pillow Ornaments. You won't find these soft ornaments anyplace but in our Makers' Guild Boutique. We have added 3 new designs this year for a total of 7.  Cute and soft and safe for kids and pets too. No more worries about low-hanging ornaments. Choose from our designs: Monkey Face (ORN06); Sock Monkey (ORN07); Orange (ORN08); Flamingo (ORN09); Nutcracker Soldier (ORN29); Gingerbread House (ORN30); Raggedy Ann & Andy (ORN31) 2" to 4 3/4" tall.  $4 each.

Sparkling Trios. Our Makers' Guild had a blast creating these sparkly, non-breakable ornaments in a wide range of colors. They will add big pops of color to your tree, and after Christmas they pack away easily as they are lentil shapes, not globes.  3 " in diameter but only 1 1/2" thick. Choose your favorite trios: Gold, Silver, Red, Tropical, Lavender, Pinks, Atlantic, Autumn. (ORN37). $15 for set of 3 (stand not included)

Green Felt Tree. This was one of our most popular ornaments last year! 3 1/2" high. (ORN02). $4.50

Historic Building Metal Ornaments. Add a bit of local history to your tree with these ornaments with the image of a painting of three significant buildings in DeLand's past: Athens Theater (ORN12); Historic Courthouse Building (ORN13); DeLand House Museum (ORN14)  $8 each.

Large Sock Monkey. Did you have a sock monkey as a child? Did you know these soft monkeys made from a pair of work socks are a reminder of the civilian efforts of Americans during WWI? Each of our monkeys comes with a printed patriotic story that will warm your heart. Approx. 20" high. (TOY05).  $35.

Sheep. Yarn + felt + some crafty folks = soft little sheep ornaments. Available in white or grey, just 2 1/2" high. (ORN03).  $4.50

Historic DeLand Pewter Ornaments. These limited edition ornaments depict either the Athens Theater or the Courthouse, both historic treasures of DeLand. 2 1/4" diameter, boxed. Athens Theater (ORN10); Historic Courthouse (ORN11)  $10 each. 

Gnomes. These cute 4" high gnomes, thought to be symbols of good luck, will be welcome gifts or decorations for your home. (Hide a few on your tree branches!) Hat colors may vary from image. ORN32  $6 each.


Small Sock Monkey.If you have a friend who is a sock monkey lover like us (and there are many!) they will be overjoyed with this monkey made from a pair of small traditional Rockford socks. Each comes with a printed patriotic story that will warm your heart. Approx. 9" high. (TOY04) $30.

Wooden Sheep. These little sheep are either standing or lying down, and available in either white or black. Add them to a creche or incorporate them into your holiday decorations. 2" - 2 1/2" (ORN35). $7 each; 3 for $18.

Advent Calendars. Children enjoy the preparations and excitement leading up to the holidays. These advent calendars are a fun way for children to count down the days until Christmas. The 24 shapes, each with a date, are easily cut out and secured with tape. Inside, you can hide a note, candy or a small gift. Two designs: Red (ORN21) and Sock Monkey (ORN22) $8.50 each.

Kit: Circus Puppets. Celebrate the  long circus history in DeLand. Kids (and kids at heart!) will enjoy making these vintage circus cut-out puppets. The kit contains 4 different puppets and metal brads to assemble them. Colorful background for plan included. Designs 100 years old!  (TOY07) $5

Hands on History Kits. The idea for these kits came out of our History Seekers youth program. These kits include instructions and all materials needed to complete the projects. Our current kit selection includes: Paper Beads (HOH03) $12; Fabric Beads (HOH04) $14; Button Bracelets (HOH07) $10; Wet Felting (HOH08).  $15.

Kit: Santa Puppets. Kids (and kids at heart!) will enjoy making these vintage cut-out Santa puppets. The kit contains 4 different Santas and metal brads to assemble them. Assembled, Santa can sit on a tree branch, hide inside a Christmas card, or be part of imaginary play time. Colorful background for play included. Designs 100 years old!  (TOY06) $5.

Woodsons Peg People We named our little peg people the Woodsons and the family is growing. These simple wooden pegs are individually painted and protected with a non-toxic clear coating for years of imaginative, unplugged play.  Boys and girls available - sets of 2 or 3; holiday sets available as well.  Holiday Sets: Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus; 2 elves; Santa and Mrs. Claus. Children: Boys and Girls - $4 per peg. Sets of 2 peg people (PEG05) or 3 peg people (PEG04).   Peg sets come in handy fabric bags to keep your toys together.  

Woodson Play Mats. For even more Woodson fun - we created these play mats to use with our peg people.  These 18" fabric mats are printed with an appliqued image  created by our Makers' Guild. Available in 3 designs: House (PEG01); Castle (PEG02); and Playground (PEG03). Play mats include 3 peg people in a special fabric bag that matches the play mat. $35/set.

Woodson Accessories.  Add to your peg people play with these accessories:  Wooden house (PEG06) $5; Wooden castle (PEG07) $6; Felt tree (PEG08) $3. Quantities of houses and castles are limited.


Stetson Hat Notecards. This set of 8 notecards and envelopes features drawings and humorous text right out of a vintage Stetson Hat catalog. (STA02). $8. 

Monarch Butterfly Notecards. Celebrating DeLand as the first Monarch City in Florida. Set of 8 notecards and envelopes. (STA01) $8 

Circus Celebration Notecards. DeLand has a long history as the winter home for the Cole Brothers Circus. 8 different images of vintage posters. Set of 8 notecards and envelopes. (STA05) $8 

Vintage Citrus Notecards. Florida is well-known for citrus farms dating back to the period of "Orange Fever" in the late 1800s. Depicts a variety of colorful vintage citrus crate labels. Set of 8 notecards and envelopes. (STA03) $8 

Nativity Cards. These unique Christmas cards each contain a handcrafted nativity ornament. Send holiday wishes to those special to you with these ornaments-in-a card. Choose a message of either "Merry Christmas" or "For Unto us a Child is Born". We'll choose an ornament to grace each of your cards.  Sold individually with envelope. (STA04)  $5 each.

Bookmarks. You'll want several of these colorful bookmarks to slip into a holiday card, stuff into stockings or add to a book gift. Several designs: Stained Glass (reproduction of the window at the Historical Society - BMK01); Oranges (BMK02); Citrus Labels (BMK03); Sock Monkeys (BMK04); Stetson Hats (BMK05); Circus Celebration (BMK06).  $1.50 each.

Gift Tags. Stock up on gift tags for the holiday season. Lots of different styles to choose from: Sock monkey; Christmas stockings; Vintage stockings; Monarchs; Red birds; Oranges; Gingerbread boy; Candy canes; Santa. Each design comes as a pack of 6 and includes a ribbon to attach to the package. $2.50 each.


Felted Soaps. Made from gentle goat's milk, wrapped in luxurious local alpaca fiber and dyed into a citrusy orange or red heart; finished with hand felting. Handcrafted by our Makers' Guild. These gentle & long-lasting soaps are perfect stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. Orange (SOP01); Heart (SOP05). $6.50 each.

Monarch Felted Pillow. Perfect for the butterfly enthusiast on your list! 16" wide, each pillow is hand-felted by our Makers' Guild and each one is unique. (PLW04). $45.

Citrus Label Pillows. Add a bit of local Florida decor to your home with our 16" pillows in 3 vintage citrus crate designs: Juice King (PLW01) $24; Flo in Pink Swimsuit (PLW02) $24; Flo in Blue Swimsuit (PLW03) $24.

Flo Tote Bags. Fun and practical! These canvas tote bags from colorful vintage citrus crate designs feature Flo in Pink Swimsuit  or Flo in Blue Swimsuit (TOT02). $16 each

Beeswax Candles. The scent of beeswax candles reminds one of holidays in years gone by. These candles hand dipped by our Makers' Guild are sold by the pair. Sizes vary slightly but candles are 9" - 10" long. (HOM09).  $12/pair.

Hanukkah Gift Boxes. These little gift boxes are easily cut out and assembled to hold small gifts or treats. Set of 9 boxes. (ORN20)  $4.50.


Mini Cookie Cutter Earrings. These 1" high cookie cutter earrings make sweet gifts and stocking stuffers for those who like to bake, or eat cookies! Available in 6 styles: Red or Silver stars; Green or Silver trees; Brown or Silver Gingerbread cookies. (EAR02) $7 per pair. Quantities are limited.

Felt Bead Earrings. Colorful and lightweight, these clever earrings are made of wool!  Felted wool spheres are accented with tiny wooded beads - a great one-size-fits-all gift.  (EAR01). $10 / pair

Historic Building Earrings. Lightweight metal earrings depicting paintings of three of DeLand's historic buildings. Choose from: Historic Courthouse; Athens Theater; DeLand House Museum  (EAR06). $14 / pair

Citrus Label Earrings. Honoring Florida's long and colorful citrus history, these lightweight metal earrings have designs from vintage local citrus crate labels. Available in 5 designs: Sammy Jay; Flo; Tropic Gold; Turnbull; Green Dragon.  (EAR05). $14 / pair

DeLand Hat Box. Reminiscent of the small hat boxes that were given with custom Stetson hat orders, our 3 1/2" hat box ornaments feature DeLand as it is today. The surprise is inside - a 3" hat ornament!  (ORN28)  $15 each. Currently sold out - Special order only.

Wool Tree Ornament. Each one is made completely of wool using only a special felting needle to compress the wool into a ball and then adds dyed wool to create festive designs. One of a kind. Soft and unbreakable - the perfect gift. (ORN450 $20 each.

Felted Wool Gnomes These funny little guys are made of wool and are hand felted. Equally at home sitting on a tree branch or hiding on a bookshelf or mantle. No home should be without for good luck!  (ORN44) $12 each.

The Woodsons.  Our favorite little peg family has expanded to include a snowman, wooden trees, and a new elf. The Woodsons are hand painted wooden peg people and include the Holy Family, girls and boys, Santa and Mrs. Claus, kings and queens, and houses and castles.  They will be displayed in their new winter wonderland at Christmas in Bloom. The Woodson Collection also includes colorful play mats for your kids

Cozy Bookmarks. Imagine a chilly winter day, curled up with a good book and a handcrafted 100% wool felted bookmark to save your place while you make a cup of tea or hot chocolate. We have a bookmark for you! Soft and extremely durable. (STA07) $7.50 each.

Red Yoyos. Wooden and topped with a gingerbread man on each side. The perfect stocking stuffer! Or for your tree.  (TOY08) $6.50

Sweet Baby Headbands. Your favorite little girl will look so sweet wearing one of these soft, handcrafted headbands. Picture perfect for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter. (HOM21) $5 each.

For Wine Lovers. Our Makers' Guild has created a number of fun gifts for the wine lovers in your life. Recycled wine corks became trivets (HOM17) $20 each; wooden tree bottle corks (HOM20) $20 each; felted wine bottle toppers in a range of designs: reindeer, Santa, and even a sock monkey! (HOM20) $20 each. These items are very limited in quantity.

Whittled Wonders. Using hand tools and often found wood, our master whittler crafts wands, ornaments, wooden twisters, pendants and miniature vases. His work will amaze you! Must be seen in person to be thorough enjoyed!  Prices vary.