Robert M Conrad Educational & Research Center

137 W Michigan Ave. DeLand, Florida

Currently closed to the public due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Volusia County.

Researchers please call for an appointment

Re-opening to the public anticipated September 7th, 2021

Burgess Pavilion & DeLand Memorial Hospital Exhibits

230 N. Stone Street DeLand, Florida

Open Monday-Friday 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Face masks and safe physical distance strongly encouraged.

DeLand House Museum

The Museum is closed for restoration, refurbishing and re-interpretation. All tours are suspended until completion of the project, anticipated in 2022. 


Walking tours of DeLand's National Historic Districts            will resume in October

Phone: 386-740-6813 .


Coming Events

Pre-order from the Holiday Boutique through September 18

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

     Makers' Guild of the Historical Society

 Join this merry group as they cut and sew, paint, felt   and glitter to create handcrafted unique items for the   Makers' Guild Holiday Boutique. We provide the   supplies. No special skills needed. just your   enthusiasm!  Call WVHS at 386-740-6813 for more   information and to reserve your spot.

Local History Talk - Preservation: Heritage, Community and Legacy.

Mark Shuttleworth, life-long preservationist, entrepreneur and economic development advocate, draws from many years of experience to highlight preservation as a primary strategy to promote and preserve our heritage and provide a sense of connection and continuity. Mark will share why he is passionate about preservation and what individuals and communities can do to assure the legacy of our values and culture. 

The Makers’ Guild of the WVHS is accepting pre-orders from their handcrafted Holiday Boutique through September 18th. You can view these colorful gifts in our online catalogue or beginning on September 7th, in person at the Conrad Center 137 W Michigan Avenue, DeLand, open Tuesday – Saturday between noon and 4 pm. These items will be ready for your pick up by November 2nd. Pre-ordering insures that you can get the designs and quantities you prefer!  Click here for more information

Livestreamed video on Facebook Live at 6 pm.

DeLand House Museum is temporarily closed for restoration, refurbishing and re-interpretation.

Mark’s discussion will be a practical guide to the What? Why? and How? of preservation. He will also share examples of how structures and building materials live today in West Volusia because someone took action a century ago.

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