May 18th, 2021
5:30 pm
DeLand Naval Air Station Museum

Ronald Herman Open-air Assembly Pavilion

910 Biscayne Boulevard

DeLand, FL

Local History Talk

DeLand Naval Air Station Museum

"Past,  Present,  Future"

Reservations are required to assure appropriate wellness precautions. Please call WVHS office  - 386-740-6813. 

The DeLand Naval Air Station and the museum has been established for 26 years and the Navy Base was in DeLand during WWII from 1942-1946.

Before becoming a naval air station in 1941 the property was a municipal airport. Built in the 1920s by the City of DeLand, the field served the civilian community until it was donated to the war effort. The Navy purchased additional property nearby and opened the DeLand Naval Air Station in 1942. DeLand NAS became a major training base for Navy pilot/gunner teams flying the land-based bombers until it closed in March of 1946.

In 2001, the museum house was placed on the National and Local Register of Historic Places. A new exhibit building was recently completed and houses a number of interesting military memorabilia displays.

The Museum collection includes:
    • A static display of a Navy F-14 Tomcat Jet with educational signage
    • A Vietnam Era PTF-3 Patrol Boat with Educational Signage being restored on-site by volunteers
    • A T-33 Jet Static Display
    • A WWII TBF AVENGER Aircraft that was in the bottom of Lake Michigan for over 50 years. 
    • A Korean War MASH Helicopter
    • A 1953 Army Jeep that has been restored by our volunteers
    • A replica of a Jenny Bi Wing Aircraft

The Presenter Scott Storz is originally from Eugene, Oregon and is a University of Oregon graduate and a Diehard Oregon Duck fan – no matter the sport. He served as an Oregon State Trooper and a Eugene Police Officer before coming to DeLand, and is currently a  Criminal Intelligence Analyst with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Volusia Bureau of Investigation. Scott has been a Volunteer for the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum for many years, and is a Past President and Treasurer. He is currently the Special Projects Manager, and in that role he coordinates museum programs and restoration projects.

Parking is available in front of the museum. You may enter through the front door of the museum or walk through the large double gates between the boat and the museum and come to the open air pavilion. You may also pull in through the large double gates and park in the open area.

Hear the interesting story of this historic and important landmark - its history, ongoing programs and restoration projects from Scott Storz, Special Projects Manager and spokesperson for the museum. Following the overview, participants may go in small groups on a self-tour through the buildings and grounds and view a variety of military memorabilia.