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Memory Lane: A History of the Street Names of DeLand, Florida by Louise Ball Caccamise traces the history of DeLand’s Street names through the years from the December day in 1876, when the first seven streets were named. It also tells about the subdivisions and the people for whom they were named. Covering over 650 streets, it is carefully researched, documented and indexed. Early photographs add to the information.
Story of DeLand and Lake Helen, Florida by Helen Parce DeLand was first published in 1928, then again in 1990 and now in 2016 in a softcover edition with an index.

Written by the daughter of DeLand’s founder, Henry Addison DeLand, Helen describes DeLand and Lake Helen in their pioneer days. Written when she was 59, she traces happenings through the years and creates a record based on her memories and historical data from letters and the Old settler files. It is a unique record with information found in no other source.

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Henry A. DeLand arrived in Central Florida on April 7, 1876, and made his first land purchase on the next day.  Describing the area as the most beautiful place he had ever seen, he purchased more land and laid out a city.  The few settlers who are living in the area met and named the city for him, electing the first city officials in 1882.  Henry A,. DeLand founded the "Academy" (later to become Stetson University) in 1883. He made DeLand a center of culture and learning and called it "The Athens of Florida".

​This DVD is narrated by Bill Dreggors, a Folk Historian. The video is a 1999 production by Charles Van Alen and sells for $7.99.​   The gift shop carries a variety of Dreggors DVDs.