West Volusia Historical Society
137 W. Michigan Ave.
DeLand, FL  32720
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To preserve and promote the history of West Volusia County
                 History Seekers

​                                     West Volusia Historical Society programs for youth

​The West Volusia Historical Society provides interesting hands-on experiences for the youth of our community to help bring history, our shared past, to life.  Learning about the treasures of the past gives children ​​a new perspective to view their lives today and to prepare for their future. 

History Seekers gets children actively involved in the skills and stories that were traditionally handed down from generation to generation.

Please call 386-740-6813 to register your child for upcoming programs.

March 3, 2018 - Handed Down: Basic Sewing Workshop 101
9 am to 12 noon. Conrad Center Complex- 137 West Michigan Avenue, DeLand
A three-hour workshop that introduces children ages 8 to 12 to sewing skills as handed down from generation to generation.  They will learn about patterns, basic sewing vocabulary and hand stitching.  Each child will have the opportunity to complete at least one simple sewing project.  A materials fee of $10 will include a basic kit of supplies that participants will take home.  Each child should bring a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut fabric and a container with a lid for their supplies, such as a shoe box or plastic box.

March 17, 2018 - Handed Down: Sewing Workshop 202- Basic quilt construction and other fun things!
9 am to 1pm. Conrad Center Complex- 137 West Michigan Avenue, DeLand
A four-hour workshop that gives children plenty of time to work on their projects.  This workshop is for children ages 9 to 14, who have already taken one of our prior workshops or who already know how to hand sew.  Participants will be introduced to three layer quilt construction with a simple project they can use at home. Participants will have many choices of colors and design and they will be encouraged to use their creativity and will explore how sewing projects can use recycled fabrics.  Children should bring their sewing boxes with sharp fabric scissors.  All project materials will be supplied.  A materials fee of $10 will be due upon registration.  Spaces are limited.

The Month of April - Architecture Treasure Hunt
​Pick up your "treasure map" at the West Volusia Historical Society or download it from our website.  Then visit the various downtown DeLand historic buildings to pick up your clues to discover what makes them our "treasures", their quirky stories from the past or their unique architectural features. Turn in your complete map to be entered into a drawing for prizes.  For ages 6 - 14.

​April 28, 2018 - All aboard a Florida steamboat!

1:30 - 2:30 pm. Conrad Center Complex- 137 West Michigan Avenue, DeLand
​It is 1876, over a hundred years ago.  You are riding a steamboat up the St. John's River to visit DeLand.  What kind of steamboat are your riding - a side-wheeler or a stern wheeler?  How fast are you traveling?  What do you see on the river banks?​​​ What's that burnt smell in the air that makes you cough?  What do you do for three days until you arrive at your destination?  Activity: Watch a video about steamboats and then draw a picture of the famous steamboat "Osceola".​​

This  program on April 28th is a part of  Volusia County’s ECHO Ranger children's program. See
this page for more information about the Volusia County ECHO Ranger programs.