1876 - Henry A. DeLand founded the town of DeLand and bought a section of property for $1,000.

1882 - Town of DeLand Incorporated. Cyrenius H. Wright is named the first mayor.

1883 - DeLand Academy founded by Henry A. DeLand.

1884 - DeLand Hall built. It is the oldest building still in continuous use for higher education in Florida.

1885 - 1st bad freeze in Central Florida. All of the fruit crop lost.

Lue Gim Gong, famed Chinese horticulturist, came to DeLand.

1886 - John B. Stetson takes over the endowment for DeLand University (as it was known at the time) because Henry A. DeLand no longer had the funds available to support it because of his policy of buying back land from settlers if they had to leave within the first two years. The name of the institution was changed at the request of Henry DeLand.

The Jacksonville train line extended to DeLand, along with the telegraph.

September: Fire destroyed the 100 block of Woodland Boulevard on both sides. The fire started in Wilcox's Saloon. The next day 2 ordinances by the City Council were set up:

  1. That there were to be no more saloons in DeLand;
  2. That all buildings in the downtown area needed to be made of masonry material (brick, concrete, etc.).

In 1886, residents of DeLand were allowed to take 50 cents off of their taxes for each oak tree they planted on the City Right of Way, and the tree had to live one year. People planted so many trees that they didn't have enough money to pay the town marshal. The tax break was repealed in 1887.

1887 - Stetson built the first electrical plant in Florida and an ice plant.

December: The City of DeLand installed the 1st public street lights in the State of Florida.

DeLand felt the earthquake that hit Charleston, South Carolina. It was the worst earthquake to hit the eastern seaboard. It opened a 25 foot hole at the corner of New York Avenue and Woodland Blvd. It changed the location of Green Springs in Enterprise.

Volusia County Courthouse moved from Enterprise to DeLand, and the first courthouse is built. In 1927, it is torn down and the present courthouse was rebuilt on the same spot.

1890 - The telephone come to the City of DeLand.

1894 (December): DeLand and all of Volusia County had the worst recorded freeze yet. It killed all the fruit and severely damaged the trees. In February of the following year, another severe freeze killed all of the fruit trees in Central Florida. They were replanted.

1896 - College Arms Hotel & Golf Course is built by Stetson. It was the finest golf course in the Southeast during its heyday.

1916 - The first water and sewage system was installed in the City of DeLand.

Woodland Boulevard was bricked to Old Daytona Road in one direction and to Orange City in the other. New York Avenue was also bricked down to the river.

DeLand High School was built on Clara Avenue. It replaced the wooden schoolhouse built in 1898.

1917 - A road was constructed connecting DeLand, Daytona, and New Smyrna. It was shelled and partially paved.

Original Putnam Hotel burned.

1920 - "The Boom Years." First tremendous spurt of growth. The houses had facades of stucco and they were in the Mediterranean style. Subdivisions opened up all around the city. Sidewalks were put in the downtown area. The city limits were expanded: to the west - the river; north - Daytona Road; south - Orange Camp Road; and east to Lake Winnemissett.

1921 - The present City Hall constructed.

The Athens and Dreka Theaters built.

1923 - The New Putnam Hotel opened.

1925 - Lue Gim Gong dies.

The Volusia County Fairgrounds was built on West New York Avenue near the railroad depot. It was sold in 1947 to the Clyde Beatty Circus Company.

1928 - "The Boom" busted. The City was reduced to approximately one square mile.

1941 - Woodland Boulevard from Plymouth Avenue to Beresford Avenue was widened and rebuilt with concrete.

1942 - Due to World War II, the Navy built a naval airbase where the municipal airport is today.

The American Machinery Company built tugboats and barges on the eastern part of Lake Beresford.

The DeLand Aviation Company, owned by Mr. Babcock, built Waco gliders at the old fairgrounds.

1944 - Daytona Road rerouted to its present location.

1946 - The Navy turned the airbase over to DeLand for the city's use.

1948 - College Arms Hotel torn down.

1949 - First shopping center, College Plaza, built on the northeast corner of Plymouth Avenue and Woodland Boulevard.

1960 - FLA-92 rebuilt with 4 lanes going to Daytona.

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